There are 5 key factors to consider when choosing veneer/crown sizes;

  • The number of veneers/crowns
  • Skin tone
  • The color of your sclera
  • Your personality and expectations
  • Veneer/Crown sizes

Let me show you how this works

  1. TOTAL CROWNS/VENEERS: If you have 8 to 10 caps at the top and bottom, you can choose from a wide range of colors. In another scenario, you only work with 2 or 4 sides, which limits your choices and forces us to choose a color that is similar to your natural teeth.
  2. SKIN COLOR: Let's say you get ten veneers on the maxillary teeth, so the next factor you need to consider is your skin tone. In our practice, we never tell patients what color to choose. Instead, we give you the choice and we tell you our opinion and the reasons for it. You may wish to select any color.
  3. EYE: Eyes and teeth are the first aspects we see in human faces. I, therefore, advise you to adjust the white of your teeth to the white of your eyebrows.
  4. PERSONALITY AND EXPECTATIONS: People with extroverted personalities tend to choose lighter tooth colors because they like to attract attention. If you choose a whiter color, your smile will attract attention. If this is important to you, you should consider this before choosing a color. And more importantly, talk to us about this point so you can get a great result. Do you think your icy white will represent your personality?


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