Sparkling White

TruDent Clinics Sparkling White Crowns / Full Veneers are made from solid zirconium dioxide, which is produced with CAD / CAM technology to create your perfect Hollywood smile because all adjustments can be made with the latest technology, which can be easily modified and shaped before your smile design is made.

Color: Sparkling white

Shades: a single color that exceeds BL1

Tru Sparkling White Full Veneer / Crowns

The material is extremely durable, which is recommended for people who grind their teeth because it is difficult to damage. In addition, Trudent Clinics Sparkling White Crowns / Full Veneers are resistant to plaque due to the smooth surface and resemble natural tooth enamel due to their color and translucency. This material is suitable for allergy sufferers because it is metal-free, which also prevents darkening in the gum area.

The first step in your treatment after the performance/consultation/x-ray with your dentist is to prepare and file your teeth, then a template is made and our technical team begins designing and manufacturing your new TruDent Clinics Sparkling White Crowns / Full Veneers.

Provisional teeth are used during the production of your teeth. 1-2 days later you return to the clinic to see your computer presentation of the smile. About 2 to 3 days later you come to the clinic to try it on and adjust your teeth if necessary. The next day, your dentist will use your TruDent Sparkling White Crown / Veneers after they have been polished by our technical team, completing your new TrUSmile design.


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