Dental lasers can remove or reshape tissue in your teeth and gums to treat hypersensitivity, tooth decay, gum disease, and more by emitting a highly focused beam of light.

What Is Laser Dentistry?

A wide range of procedures can be completed in a single appointment, replacing noisy, invasive drills. To get you smiling again, lasers can make dental treatment efficient, cost-effective, and comfortable.

Our mission is to provide the highest level of dental care to our patients. So it's great to be able to offer laser dental treatment, from simple cavity preparation to more complex operations. Thanks to laser dentistry, patients can now enjoy a comfortable, fast, and enjoyable treatment experience.

TruDent Clinics Implant & Dental Center Cigli-Izmir, Turkey: Innovative technology with laser dentistry

TrUDent Clinics Implant and Dental Center use the latest technologies, such as laser dentistry, to improve the quality of our care. Dental lasers have many applications to improve the health and appearance of your smile. Gums, enamel, and dentin can all be treated with lasers.

Modern laser dentistry in Trudent Clinic Implant & Dental Center Cigli-Izmir for your dental health

In today's dentistry, laser treatment technology provides patients with a more comfortable dental experience than before. With laser dentistry, TrUDent Clinic Implant and Dental Center offer a precise alternative treatment that produces beautiful results, is quicker, and makes the patient feel more comfortable.

Advantages of Laser Treatment

There are many benefits to laser dental treatment, including

Many laser treatments can be done without anesthesia, and recovery times are much quicker than with conventional treatments.

Procedures are well tolerated.

The need for stitches is reduced in most cases because the laser beam is so precise. You can also avoid anxiety-inducing drills by choosing laser treatment.

Less chance of bacterial infection due to the precision of laser therapy.

The Two Types of Laser Dental Treatments

It can be used to treat both soft and hard tissues. Soft tissue includes gum reshaping and muscle attachment. Cavity diagnosis, tooth fillings, and tooth tenderness relief are hard tissue treatments.

Laser therapy also includes procedures such as the removal of benign oral cancers, nerve regeneration, sleep apnoea treatment, teeth whitening, and TMJ treatment.

What to Expect During a Laser Treatment?

Making an appointment with your dentist is the first step. Here are some of the things that usually happen during the procedure once the dentist has identified the problem(s) and recommended laser treatment:

  • Laser treatments are very simple, just like having a tooth filled.
  • The teeth are not drilled as the laser does all the work.
  • Patients experience no pain or discomfort from the laser.
  • The dentist will remove any bleeding that may occur during the procedure.
  • Dentists open your mouth to treat dental problems.

What to Expect After a Laser Treatment?

Here are some things you can generally expect to happen after laser treatment:

The bleeding caused by laser treatment is much smaller than the bleeding caused by traditional dentistry. The treatment area will not bleed constantly, nor will you have an open wound.

The risk of infection is relatively low with laser treatment compared to other dental treatments.

There is little or no chance of pain or swelling if the treatment has gone well.

Do not wait any longer to see your dentist if you have severe swelling or pain in your mouth that does not go away within a day.

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Is Laser Dentistry Safe?

Definitely. They are FDA-approved and perfectly safe when used by a trained dental professional. The laser's precision reduces the risk of bacterial infection. Patients also experience little to no bleeding from this minimally invasive treatment. As with any treatment, your dentist will take precautions to ensure your safety during laser treatment. Laser equipment emits a powerful light. You will be given special glasses or goggles to protect your eyes. Compared to many other traditional procedures, laser dentistry is safer and more comfortable.

Does Laser Dentistry Hurt?

Nope! It is very comfortable and convenient to have laser treatments. What's more, in most cases you won't need anaesthetic! Laser dentistry doesn't involve physical contact with the tissues of your mouth. This means that patients usually don't need anesthetic. The laser spot burns the tissue, so there is usually very little bleeding after treatment. When patients are anesthetized, they typically leave the surgery with a feeling of numbness. With laser dentistry, there is no uncomfortable numbness after your appointment, so you can go straight to lunch or back to work.

How Long Does A Laser Filling Take?

Depending on the type of laser treatment you have, the length of your treatment will vary. But for laser fillings, laser treatments are usually more efficient than traditional fillings. Because your dentist doesn't have to wait for your mouth to become numb, they can get to work straight away. Laser fillings can last from 10-15 minutes to 30 minutes. This will depend on the size and location of the cavity. Your doctor will explain what to expect when developing your treatment plan, so you can be sure you know every step of the way.

Are Laser Dental Treatments More Expensive?

Most insurance plans do not cover laser dentistry because it is still considered an elective procedure. To get a better understanding of your coverage and benefits, it's important to check with your provider. The cost of laser dentistry is very much in line with other similar procedures, and because it does not require anesthetic, it can easily fit within your budget. Treatment costs vary depending on your individual needs, so we recommend scheduling a consultation for a more accurate estimate.

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