Tru Lumineer

The sheer properties of Emax Lumineers are designed to mimic your natural dental structure.

So nobody will notice that you have got a new smile. The Emax Lumineers match your existing teeth. In this way, you achieve a seamless, natural integration of your smile. They can also be designed in color and color according to your wishes.


Color: Natural appearance

No tooth reduction

Emax Lumineer

Since they require little or no tooth removal, the integrity of your tooth substance is retained. You won't feel uncomfortable while Dr. Murat Sutpideler prepared your tooth. In the hands of Dr. Murat Sutpideler firmly connect the EMax lumineers with the tooth enamel and not with the dentin. This keeps them longer.

And if you are not satisfied, they can be easily removed by simply cutting them off. Apart from that, the tooth nerve is only minimally damaged.

How long do lumineers last?

According to ADA ( American Dental Association ), Emax Lumineers can last 5 to 10 years, but in the hands of an experienced cosmetic dentist like Dr. Murat Sutpideler have held them for 20 years and are still working well.

Emax is a very resistant porcelain, and if done properly and depending on how well you care for it, it is a very durable restoration. Emax Lumineers can be used for a long time and patients have the most adhesion with a direct connection to tooth enamel, ensuring maximum durability and long-lasting performance.

Are Emax Lumineers suitable for everyone?

Unfortunately, EMax lumineers are not suitable for everyone. That is why you should consult with Dr. Murat Sutpideler if you are a good candidate for this procedure or not. Lumineers generally increase the thickness of the original tooth, and some people do not like it, and the bite must also be assessed.

If you have a tight bite and a porcelain layer is placed on the inside of your front teeth, you may not have a balanced bite! Because lumineers are generally an additive procedure, the tooth neck widens, and some patients don't like that. Kindly ask Dr. Murat Sutpideler if you are a candidate.


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