Crystal White

TruDent Crystal Crowns / Full Veneers are perfect if you want a natural look. They are usually tooth-shaped restorations that are used to improve the overall appearance of the teeth.

Color: Natural looking

Shades: 22 color nuances

TruDent crystal crowns / full veneers

They are extremely durable and, due to their color, resemble natural tooth enamel. Due to their strength and durability, "TruDent Crystal White Zirconium Crowns" are suitable for a complete smile and are biocompatible, which makes them an ideal dental treatment for your front and cheek teeth. Zirconium is the most likely alternative for metal-smeared porcelain crowns because zirconium does not cause chemical reactions in your mouth or causes allergies such as gum decline, swelling, bleeding, etc., which porcelain veins can sometimes cause.

Zirconium is also one of the strongest materials used in dentistry with the same chemical properties as titanium.

One of the most common problems with crowns is the appearance of a gray color around the edge of the gums. TruDent Crystal White Zirconium Crowns "does not have this because the material used is tooth-colored.

TruDent Crystal Zirconium offers a natural appearance of the teeth for customers who want a natural crystal clear smile.


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