E-Max Full Veneer/Crowns

E-Max crowns / full veneers are made from high-quality lithium disilicate ceramics using CAD / CAM technology from a single block. E-Max is suitable for a single crown as well as for a complete smile makeover since the material is translucent and adapts to the appearance of your natural teeth. E-Max crowns / full veneers require minimal preparation compared to other materials because up to 1 mm of your original teeth are removed. The use of digital smile design technology will redesign your teeth, which you can view on the computer before your new smile is created. Therefore, it is easy to make adjustments if necessary to create your perfect dream smile.

Additional strength and durability

Colors: 16 color shades available

TruDent E-Max full veneer/crowns

One of the most common problems with crowns is the appearance of a gray color around the edge of the gums. There is no problem with Emax because the material used is purely white, which leads to a more natural appearance and a longer-lasting smile. We can offer Emax crowns in a variety of colors, from natural colors to well-known BL1.

The first step of your treatment after the performance/consultation/x-ray with your dentist, the dentist begins preparing and filing your teeth, then a template is made and our technical team starts designing and manufacturing your new E-Max crowns / full veneers. Provisional teeth are used during the production of your teeth. 1-2 days later you return to the clinic to see your computer presentation of the smile. About 2-3 days later you come to the clinic to try it on and adjust the crowns if necessary. The next day, after the polish by our technical team, your dentist uses your E-Max crowns / full veins and thus completes your new smile design in the TruDent clinics.


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