Trudent Clinics Implants Post Care

A certain amount of swelling, pain, and bleeding is normal. The following instructions are intended to make the postoperative recovery phase as short and pleasant as possible.

Care Instructions For Inserting Dental Implants (Operation)

Bite the gauze bandage you received at the end of the procedure and apply firm pressure to it. This should be done for at least 30 minutes. Then remove the package and replace it with another gauze sponge as it was made available to you. Repeat this process as needed. Excessive bleeding should not occur. A rapid accumulation of light red blood in this area is not normal. If this occurs and does not decrease due to pressure, please call the practice immediately.

If you slept during the procedure, you should eat soft, nutritious food before taking medication. This reduces the risk of postoperative nausea. Before the operation, you have been prescribed an antibiotic that you should take until you have taken all the tablets. Take your pain relievers as prescribed. Make sure that you have no allergies that the doctor is not aware of.

Do not rinse or spit for at least 72 hours, if possible longer. This can disrupt the blood clot, open the wound, prolong bleeding, and slow healing. There shouldn't be blood in your mouth. Saliva can be swallowed. Do not brush your teeth in the operating area for 48 hours.

Be gentle when brushing your teeth. Be gentle when coughing up. If you used prescribed mouthwash before the operation, you should continue to use it 24 hours after the operation. Place the mouthwash on the surgical site and leave it on for 30-60 seconds. Do not rinse with it until you have returned to close removal ( 2 weeks after inserting the implant ).

Immediately put ice on the area where the procedure took place. If you undergo surgery on the front teeth of the upper jaw, it is expected that swelling and discomfort will occur even under the nose and eyes. Bruising and discoloration are not uncommon. Put the crushed ice in a plastic bag, put it in a washbasin, and put it on the face. Put on for 30 minutes and then remove for 20-30 minutes. This should be done almost continuously in the first 48 hours ( or as often as possible ), and if possible longer, or if it helps to relieve your pain.

Avoid excessive physical activity and exercise. You should also NOT SMOK. Do not drink with a straw and do not drink carbonated liquids for at least 3 days . Do not consume alcoholic beverages while taking your pain relievers. SMOKING INCREASES THE RISK OF AN IMPLANT FAILURE.

You will find that you cannot see implants in your mouth because the gums cover the area. It's a good thing. Do not open your lip daily to inspect the area. This can cause the wound to collapse. In many cases, a healing cap was placed on the implant. This looks silver and emerges through the gums. Do not expand your lips every day to examine it. This can cause the wound to collapse. Be very careful not to eat on these temporary caps as they put excessive strain on the implants underneath.

If you need to wear a temporary pinball machine, only use it when the numbness in this area has disappeared. When worn, it must not touch the gums in the area of intervention. Otherwise, there may be ulcers on the wound edges and the seam edges are broken open. If you have any questions about the fit of your fin, do not wear it until your general dentist has examined you in this practice.

Most follow-up appointments are scheduled for 2 weeks after the operation. If something appears that seems unusual to you, please do not hesitate to contact the practice immediately.


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