Implant-Borne Dentures

The lower denture is the greatest difficulty for both patients who get used to a prosthesis for the first time and experienced prosthesis wearers. It can be difficult, to enjoy certain dishes or even to speak confidently if you fear that your lower teeth will start swimming in your mouth.

Removable prostheses can be stabilized by dental implants. As a rule, this is a special abutment or attachment that has the shape of a sphere. A holding component, usually an O-ring, is incorporated into the dentures. The O-ring snaps the ball when the prosthesis is inserted, which makes the prosthesis more stable and you feel more comfortable and can avoid embarrassing movements of the prosthesis.

What Are Mini Implants?

Mini implants are one-piece implants that contain both the root part and the attachment, the ball. Mini implants have a smaller diameter and are usually used when the bone is not sufficient for conventional implants. If you want to know more about implant-borne dentures from Dr. If you would like to experience Murat Sutpideler, please contact our dental practice today.



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