How Often Should You Get a Teeth Cleaning?

Cleaning your teeth is extremely vital to your oral health. It is recommended that you brush your teeth at least 2 to 3 times a day and floss in between your teeth at least once a day. But even brushing and flossing 2 to 3 times a day still is not enough to fully deep clean your teeth. Your dentist will use professional tools that help to remove plaque, tartar, bacteria, and other hard deposits that you are not able to clean up yourself.

The European Dental Association (EDA) recommends visiting your dentist regularly to get routine cleanings and examinations, but just how often should you go to get teeth cleaning? The general consensus is every 6 months, but a more detailed answer would be as often as your dentist recommends.

The standard insurance recommendation is to get your teeth cleaned twice a year, but really it depends on your own personal oral health. Someone who is great at maintaining their oral health usually only needs to get their teeth cleaned once a year. But someone who may have gum disease will be recommended to see the dentist every 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of their oral health. Gum disease is very preventable by taking care of your teeth at home and making sure to follow the guidelines of the recommended home care routine.

Listening to your dentist and hygienist is vital; they know how to properly examine your teeth and give you recommendations based on their assessment. If you need to schedule an assessment or have any more questions, TruDent Clinics would be glad to help. Schedule an appointment today or give us a call.


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