3 Reasons to Schedule Your Dental Cleaning


The European Dental Association and other dental professionals stand in agreement that optimal oral health can be achieved by visiting the dentist twice per year for a routine teeth cleaning. Unfortunately, far too many patients fail to meet this requirement. When patients are satisfied with how their teeth look and feel, it can make cleanings from a dentist seem unimportant or less urgent. However, persistent neglect of these routine visits can pose major threats to your future smile health, your overall health and your wallet.

The long-term benefits of having a professional dental cleaning, also known as a prophylaxis or prophy, includes more than just making your smile look more polished. A routine dental cleaning can offer the following:

Improves Your Dental Health

It goes without saying that dental cleanings directly improve and protect your dental health. This includes preventing gum disease, decay, tooth loss and other dental issues caused by the buildup of plaque and bacteria. Keep in mind that once plaque hardens, it cannot be removed with your toothbrush at home. A professional dental cleaning, however, can rid your teeth and gums of the harmful substances that can lead to more serious and costly oral health problems. Not only do these cleanings stop the progression of dental disease, but they can help us detect problems at their earliest and most treatable stages.

Protects Your Overall Health

Don’t dismiss the connection between your oral health and your body health. There is a stronger link than you may think. When conditions like gum disease go untreated, they can impact your systemic health. In fact, stroke and heart disease are serious health conditions that are associated with advanced periodontal disease. Poor gum health can even lead to premature births in pregnant women. Professional dental cleanings are known to help to reduce inflammation caused by bacteria in your gums and throughout your body.

Saves Money

Most dental insurance plans cover all or most of the expenses for routine cleanings twice a year. Even if you pay out-of-pocket, however, you are likely to save money in the long run by taking advantage of these preventative visits. Services like dental fillings, crowns or implants cost far more than a routine dental cleaning.

At TruDent Clinics, we value the importance of preventative dental care for patients of all ages. Start your New Year off right by scheduling your professional dental cleaning with our clinic experts.


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