Dental Implants With Immediate Loading

Immediate exposure implants, also known as "same-day implants", are very popular with patients. In this procedure, the abutments and provisional crowns are placed on the implants during the first procedure. It takes several months for the bone to fully grow into the implant, but the physical properties of this type of implant allow you to use one or more functional, attractive crowns before you leave the practice. Your provisional crowns will be replaced by permanent individual crowns after three to six months.

Immediate loading implants put an end to long waiting times between the individual steps of implant insertion. This means that you can enjoy naturally looking at new teeth while healing the implant - and no longer have to be ashamed of missing teeth.

To determine whether immediate implants are a good option for you, several criteria must be considered. One of the main disadvantages of this procedure is that you may only be able to eat to a limited extent until the implants are fully integrated into the mouth. Let Advised Dr. Murat Sutpideler find the best solution for you in your particular case.


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