VIP Treatment

Premier Luxury at Every Appointment

Most people think of the dentist's office as a cold, sterile environment, full of hard edges, bright lights, and white surfaces. Before your appointment even begins, you have to deal with hard chairs, impersonal staff, and a bland waiting room where the buzzing electric clock churns off the minutes as your scheduled time comes and goes, throwing off the rest of your day.

TruDent Aesthetic Dental Clinic is nothing like that kind of dental office! From the moment you enter, you will enjoy the kind of professional and personalized attention you’d expect from the most luxurious and exclusive spa. We don’t want you to simply endure your dental appointments, but enjoy them because of the service, care, and amenities you’ll experience every time you come to see us.

Here, your comfort and health are always our top priorities, which is why we only see one patient at a time. This way, we can use all of our collective energy to make sure you leave your appointment feeling completely refreshed, renewed, and satisfied.

We offer a variety of comforts you can use while we work on your teeth that will make your appointment seemingly fly by in a matter of seconds.

Soft Pillows

Too many dental practices force you to sit in an uncomfortable treatment chair that places your neck in an unnatural position. This just isn’t good enough for our patients, so whenever you come to see us, we’ll always offer you a fresh, clean pillow (or two) so you can easily relax.

Comfortable Blankets

If you asked 100 people if they’ve ever been too cold in a doctor’s office, all 100 of them would raise their hands. Our approach to dentistry revolves around making you comfortable in every way possible, which is why we can offer you a warm blanket upon request that has just been cleaned and sterilized.

Beverage Bar

When you come to see us, there is never any rush. You’ll be greeted by a smile, and then you can choose from a variety of hot or cold drinks from our beverage bar. We have healthy juices, revitalizing coffee, and soothing tea among our selections. Sit back, take a sip, and relax.


It’s very common for patients to feel a bit of anxiety when receiving dental care, and this fact isn’t lost on us. One way we can help is with Alpha-Stims, which use gentle electronic pulses to quickly help your nerves melt away. They simply attach to your ears with small clips, and you’ll be amazed at the difference they can make for your dental experience.


A Biomat is an FDA-approved medical device that can be used to improve circulation, reduce stress and fatigue, and even provide pain relief. All you’ll need to do is lay down on the mat, turn it on, and soon you’ll feel a warm, soothing sensation come over your entire body. You can use one throughout your appointment so you feel like a new person afterward.

Ultimate Sailing

TruDent offers an ultimate sailing boat experience for you and your family, from the best captain in Mediterranean and Turkey.

Our captain create holidays following his passion, our patients will be able to simply enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Then discover who is already on board before you set sail!

Jeanneau 53

Exquisitely built at the Vendee Shipyard in France, Jeanneau 53 is a 16.15 (53 ft) high performance sailing sloop offering a sailing experience which is genuinely second to none. Two en-suite staterooms accommodate up to five guests in contemporary luxury.



Jeanneau 53 is a modern and dynamic sailing yacht with sleek lines, combining an exhilarating sailing experience. The boat was built to exceptionally high standards at Vendee Shipyard in France and has been immaculately maintained ever since her launch.

The calm and contemporary interior is dominated by birchwood, stainless steel and oiled teak surfaces.

Uniquely for a sailing yacht of this size, Jeanneau 53 offers accommodation for up to 5 guests in two spacious cabins.

During 2020-21, Jeanneau 53 has been through a major refit program that has enhanced her overall appeal and guest experiences even further. Not only has she had a new paint finish with a dramatic change to the hull colour, there has been a complete overhaul and upgrade to many of the systems such as navigation, communication, AV, air conditioning and electrics. Guests can now enjoy a new cockpit area, an updated saloon, refreshed bathrooms and cabin interiors.

Discover Our Ultimate Sailing Training

We endeavour to provide the very best tuition, using high quality yachting equipment and the best TrUSmiles Instructors. Each course will have no more than 4 students to each instructor and all TrUSmiles courses will be taught in English.

Our goal is simple, to give you a high quality yet relaxed learning experience that will allow you to achieve your chosen goals with confidence, and leave you wanting to return to sail with us again and again.

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