Neuromuscular Mouthguards

Laughing man holding a ball. After a really good game or training session, all your muscles are aching, sore, or at least aware of being used. Maybe you've even felt it at a distant location, asking yourself, "When have I used this muscle? To perform at your best, your muscles, tendons, and ligaments need to perform at their best.

What happens if one part of your body doesn't work as it should? And what if it affects something else? What if that affected system is your spine, your body's core, the framework that holds everything together? Wouldn't that affect how you perform?

If your jaw is out of place, that's exactly what's happening. If your jaw is misaligned, it can affect the alignment of your spine, causing it to stress and misalign. The result can be a dramatic reduction in your performance in terms of strength, balance, and flexibility.

Neuromuscular Guards

Conventional gumshields are made to protect your teeth when you play sports, but they're not necessarily designed with your comfort and bite alignment at heart. That's where a custom neuromuscular sports mouthguard comes in. Many players report that mouthguards cause them to gag, leave their jaw sore after a game, or make it difficult to breathe while competing. Neuromuscular sports mouthguards offer a better solution than traditional mouthguards, as an estimated 90% of Europeans report problems with their bite alignment (the way teeth fit together). As well as protecting teeth from damage during sports, a neuromuscular mouthguard keeps the jaw in proper alignment, allows patients to breathe deeply and freely, and is completely comfortable. Best of all, this custom-made mouthguard offers better protection.

Not Just For The Pros

The list of professional athletes using neuromuscular mouthguards to improve their performance is long and growing. Prominent athletes such as baseball, football, and kickboxing have achieved significant results using their custom mouthguards.

However, a custom neuromuscular mouthguard can protect the smile of anyone involved in sports. Significant benefits can be seen by golfers, cyclists, runners, swimmers, tennis players, and weight trainers. The right mouthguard can help, whether you're trying to shave a few strokes off your handicap, beat your personal best, or simply get the better of your weekly tennis partner.

As well as improving comfort and jaw function, neuromuscular mouthguards can also reduce the risk of sports injuries. Sports-related facial trauma is possibly the leading cause of concussion, and a custom neuromuscular mouthguard can help protect our athletes from this risk.

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