Braces Treatment


Braces treatment is an amazing method frequently used to align teeth naturally and aesthetically, as well as to improve oral and dental health!

It involves correcting irregularities in the teeth and jaw joint, tooth crowding, and gaps between teeth using wires. How exciting! Braces treatment is an amazing way to enhance your tooth-jaw anatomy for a stunning smile design and other dental treatments! How exciting! Metal brackets are carefully attached to your teeth, and a continuous force is applied to gently pull your teeth into their correct positions. This treatment method requires long-term patient care! The direction and amount of force applied to the tooth can be adjusted by regular check-ups.

Different types of braces are available for different needs!

Braces are an amazing method of treatment for both the appearance and health of teeth! They can be used to treat broken, misaligned, or spaced teeth, as well as jaw structure issues and palate stenosis. Wow! Wow!

You can choose from metal braces, porcelain braces, transparent aligners, and lingual braces. How exciting! The most popular options are transparent aligners and metal braces. There are so many options available for dental treatment! Did you know that there are even sapphire brackets that have a transparent appearance? And let's not forget about Invisalign, which is also transparent! The best treatment option for you can be determined through a consultation with your dentist.

How Do Braces Work?!

Braces work by applying a specific force to the teeth over some time to ensure they are in the correct position and arrangement. It is crucial to work with an experienced team during braces treatment to avoid applying too much force, which can cause damage to the teeth and surrounding tissues! To achieve the desired teeth position, the dentist attaches brackets to the treated teeth and wires between them! Power is then applied to the teeth. This allows for regular control of the power applied to the teeth. Small tires can be attached to the brackets to ensure proper wire operation, and the person is advised to change them regularly!

The movement of teeth in the bone takes time, and the duration of treatment varies from person to person!



Preparation for Braces Treatment!

Before undergoing orthodontic treatment, it is crucial to ensure that the person has no decayed teeth, that their fillings are in good condition, and that their gum health is optimal. A general oral and dental health check-up is conducted, and if any health conditions are identified, treatment is planned and initiated! To prevent dryness of the lips during and after the treatment, the person may use a lip moisturizer. The process of fitting wires can take up to 2-3 hours! To keep your lips moisturized during the treatment, use a suitable cream regularly.

If you're wondering what to expect during braces treatment, keep in mind that braces are sensitive and their settings are made with millimetric precision!

And guess what? Any disruption to the calculations and settings can prevent your teeth from moving into the correct position! Individuals with braces should avoid making hard-biting movements while eating and should consume food in small pieces! Hard fruits and vegetables should be avoided during braces treatment to prevent the wires from being disturbed and the teeth from shifting out of position. It is important to pay close attention during the initial period of wearing braces.

How to Care for Your Teeth After Braces Treatment?

It is crucial to ensure that there is no residue left between the wires and to brush your teeth carefully! Use small circular motions to brush and clean all surfaces of your teeth gently for at least 3 minutes!

After orthodontic treatment, use the dental floss recommended by your specialist dentist!

Please note that the price of braces treatment is not discussed in this text!

The cost of braces is determined based on the minimum wage tariff announced annually by the Turkish Dental Association! How interesting!

It is not prohibited to charge below or above the figures in this tariff. Excitingly, factors such as the type of treatment, the patient's condition, and the type of braces used determine the final price.


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