Bite Correction

Orthodontic treatment is a complete restoration of the teeth, jaw, and face using several systems developed by Dr. Tulay Odemis, which are applied directly over the natural teeth without their being ground away.

This system is used in restorative and cosmetic dentistry as an alternative to surgery or dental appliances such as retainers. It is bonded directly to the tooth enamel, making it a non-invasive procedure.

It helps correct underbites, overbites, open bites, malocclusions, and facial collapses. It also restores teeth that are damaged, wor,n, or naturally short.

A porcelain restoration is custom-made and applied to each tooth, similar to a no-prep veneer. One reason why dentists may recommend it as an option is that it does not require the removal of tooth enamel, as is the case with veneers and crowns. Instead, this technique is applied directly over the tooth, so healthy teeth are not directly affected.

How Does it Work?

Bite Correction is often marketed as an "anti-aging" restorative or cosmetic dentistry procedure because the final results can change the shape or appearance of the face, jaw, and teeth.

The system is called "face-lift dentistry". This method uses a device called JawTrac, developed by a US dentist, to realign the jaw without the need for surgery. This is followed by the use of the Bite Correction System to restore the shape of the teeth.

Who Can Benefit from?

If you need restorative work on some or all of your teeth and you are also hoping to correct a 'bad bite', this can be a good option. It can also be a good option for those who need restorative work but who have suffered significant bone loss, which makes other restorative techniques less realistic. Lastly, it can help avoid more invasive bite correction procedures such as jaw surgery or braces.

New in Restorative Dentistry

In restorative dentistry, this is a relatively new procedure. Many details, such as the longevity of restorations and final results, have not been extensively researched.

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