Are Missing Teeth Really a Big Deal?

If you have a missing tooth (or more than one) that is not visible to others or isn’t affecting your speech, you may think there is no harm in just leaving it alone. For many notable reasons, this is an unfortunate assumption. Replacing a missing tooth can prevent a wide array of dental complications, including those that affect your health, appearance and quality of life. A gapped smile threatens far more than your aesthetics and self-esteem.

7 Drawbacks of Missing Teeth

Regardless of how you lost it, a natural tooth should be replaced. Not replacing a tooth can lead to the following consequences:

Shifting Teeth: The position of adjacent teeth can start to shift due to a lack of support from an opposing tooth. This can make your smile more difficult to clean.

Spacing in Teeth: Ideal aesthetics and optimal bite alignment are disrupted when there is extra spacing due to a missing tooth.

Gum Problems: Gum issues tend increase after a few years of missing teeth due to a change in inclination and position of the teeth as well as food entrapment between teeth. Progressive gum disease can loosen your teeth over time, resulting in more missing teeth.

Tooth Decay: Food and bacteria easily accumulate in the open spaces of missing teeth, which threatens the health of your existing teeth.

Decreased Function: Eating can become limited or difficult without the full stability of dentition.

Speech Challenges: In some cases, speech can also be distorted.

Sunken Facial Appearance: If the jawbone is not properly stimulated by tooth and jaw activity, bone loss can occur. Jawbone deterioration can make your facial structure around your mouth look aged or sunken in.

Restorative Dentistry to the Rescue

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer the consequences of missing teeth. Modern advancements in restorative dentistry make teeth replacement an easy and highly effective solution. There are a full range of tooth replacement options available, including dental implants, mini implants, dentures, partials and bridges.

Do you have missing teeth? Talk to our experts at TruDent Clinics about which restorative dentistry option fits your needs and budget best. Keep in mind that investing in tooth replacement early can save you from more costly complications in the future. For optimal health, function and aesthetics, your smile needs to be at its fullest!


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